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About Hinaray

      Hinaray is one of the leading innovative developer and manufacturer in China which is specialized in anti drone gunanti drone system, electric shock catcher forks, electric taser gloves, electronic riot shield, anti riot electric stun baton and RF power amplifier module. We have a comprehensive quality control system that starts with the assembly of the product and continues to the final storage and delivery of the product. Our skilled R&D team has a strong grip and
expertise to handle unique OEM or ODM projects. We proudly export our products to over 80
countries such as South East Asia, Africa, Europe, North America ,South America, and
the Middle East, etc…
           In contrast to several other organisations that are just engaged in the final stages of the
manufacturing process, we are a full-fledged design, development and research company. We
can also serve in providing ODM and OEM for you..
The Benefits of Anti Drone Jammer
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anti drone jammer

Anti Drone Gun

Drones are truly incredible. However, there are evil entities who could exploit them for malicious purposes. In particular

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Anti Drone System
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Advanced Solutions

We offer advanced drone signal jammer solutions to enhance the security of people all over the world

Technical background

The founding team has been engaged in technology research and development for more than 15 years

Custom development

We undertake the R & D of RF, power amplifier, shielding and other communication products

The Global N°1 ESL Company

Joining SES-imagotag means working for the world’s leading supplier of electronic shelf labels for large-scale retailers and helping to build the history of our trailblazing business. It means believing in the business plan and sharing the ambitions of a fast-changing, internationally-focused company. Thanks to the talent and the dedication of our multidisciplinary, multicultural teams, SES-imagotag is enjoying unrivaled growth.

Making the world better and safer

Factory direct,High cost & performance
For various drones on the market
for Government, Public Infrastructure
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The Pioneer of Anti Drone Jammer in China

anti drone gun
R & D Engineers
exported countries
customer cases
years experience

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