Bid Farewell to Rogue Drones with the HN-1003 Anti-Drone Gun

Are you searching for a groundbreaking solution to combat the increasing swarm of intrusive drones? Look no further than the HN-1003 Anti-Drone Gun, the ultimate weapon to safeguard your airspace!

Surpassing its predecessors, the HN-1001 and HN-1002, the HN-1003 is equipped with an impressive range of state-of-the-art features, delivering unparalleled performance. With an expanded repertoire of 6 bands and an extended interference distance, this cutting-edge anti-drone gun sets a new standard in drone defense.

Unrivaled Benefits of the Anti-Drone Gun HN-1003

Here’s why the HN-1003 truly stands out:

Comprehensive Frequency Interference

Enjoy wide coverage from 420MHz to 5900MHz, ensuring the effective neutralization of all drone signals within this extensive range.

Extended Countermeasure Radius

Establish a robust no-fly zone with a countermeasure radius of 1000-2000m, offering ample protection for your airspace and preventing any unauthorized drone intrusion.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The HN-1003’s directional antenna provides a vertical and horizontal range of 45°, enabling precise targeting and maximizing the effectiveness of neutralizing drones.

Unmatched Signal Reception

Benefit from improved signal reception and disruption of drone communication with an antenna gain ranging from 8dBi to 18dBi, guaranteeing a stronger and more focused countermeasure against drone flights.

Convenient Built-in Battery

Experience hassle-free operation with the HN-1003’s built-in 24V (5AH) battery, eliminating the need for external power sources and allowing for flexible deployment in any location.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing merely 6kg and featuring compact dimensions of 711*292*71mm, the HN-1003 is designed for easy mobility, enabling quick setup and deployment wherever protection is required.

Durable and Resilient

Constructed with robust and fireproof plastic material, the HN-1003 guarantees durability and resilience, withstanding challenging operational environments effortlessly.

Secure Your Airspace Now!

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Anti drone gun parameters

NameAnti drone gunModelHN-1003
Interference frequency420MHZ-450MHZ;
Countermeasure radius1000-2000mPower supply methodBuilt-in battery24V(5AH)
Power supply voltageCharger 220V to DC29.4VWeight of the whole machine6KG
Power of the whole machine180WWorking temperature-20℃ / +45℃
MaterialHigh strength fireproof plasticDirectional AntennaVertical 45° Horizontal 45°
Antenna gain8dBi-18dBiBlocking mediumElectromagnetic waves
Use placeTroops, national defense, military industry, armed police, transportation, air defense of large venues, etc.FunctionVideo intercept, forced landing, return, interception

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