Drone Deception and Capture System (DDCS)

The DDCS system can control drones to fly to any set position by counterfeiting their navigation signals, drive them away from the control area or make forced landing, and send suppressive navigation interference signals, making navigation receiving equipment unable to receive navigation positioning signals in a certain area, in order to achieve defense purposes. This device is mainly used for long – distance protection over a large range, and can be installed on a ground tripod, as well as on car/on board. This device, combined with a turntable, can automatically point to the target after analyzing radar guidance information. In the case of networking, the device can be remotely controlled through the upper computer to set its working status and parameters.

Usage scenario & Potential user:

For the application scenarios that require the capture of UAVs, such as public security, drug enforcement and national security, the device has strong expansion capability, supports frequency point expansion and power improvement, and meets the application requirements of portable, vehicle- mounted, ship- borne and other application scenarios. The device has combat capability against tactical UAVs at station and yard.

Drone Deception and Capture System (DDCS)

Technical Specifications:

  • With four satellite navigation system signal high-precision counterfeit generation capability;
  • It has the combat capabilities of jamming UAV navigation, directional drive away, and fixed point trapping.
  • It has the ability to deceive many kinds of UAV such as rotor wing and fixed wing.
  • Have the ability to receive radar, photoelectric, radio and other detection equipment target guidance;
  • Navigation frequency points: GPS L1CA, GLONASS R1, Galileo E1OS, BD (can be extended to 7 frequency);
  • Operating distance: 3km~50km (according to requirements);
  • Onset time: 3s (dexterous decoy), 10s (unguided decoy);
  • Fixed point accuracy: 50m (continuous high precision guidance);
  • Fixed point control mode: automatic;
  • Airspace coverage: horizontal 0~360°; Pitch 0~90°;
  • Output power: 30~47dBm (according to the requirements of configuration);
  • Host size: 830 * 730 *120 (unit: mm);
  • Power supply mode: 220VAC;
  • Communication interface: RJ45;
  • Power consumption: ≤150W;
  • Protection level: IP65.

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