Hinaray Portable Anti Drone Detection & Jammer Gun



The portable drone detection and strike integration device integrates spectrum sensing, artificial intelligence, and radio interference technology, with detection, countermeasures, display and control, power supply, and networking functions, which can effectively detect, identify, and counter various “black flying” drones.

Appearance Shape



Press the device power button to turn on and off the device. When the device is turned on, the display screen displays an interface. After use, press the button to turn off the device.

Detection Operation

  1. Detect display screen display interface;
  2. When a “Black Flying” drone is detected, an alarm and vibration prompt will be given, and the display screen will display the current “Black Flying” drone model and frequency band.

Direction Finding Operation

  1. After detecting the drone, click the direction finding button to enter the direction finding page, which is divided into two direction indicator discs: real-time direction and suspected direction;
  2. Slowly rotate the gun clockwise for one turn, and in the real-time direction dial, the direction indicator light that has been rotated will change from red to green. The suspected direction dial will point towards the direction with the highest intensity, representing the direction of the suspected drone. After completing one turn, the approximate direction of the drone is obtained by turning the gun to the suspected direction.

Strike Operation

1). After entering the strike interface, click on the corresponding frequency band position to select the strike frequency band. The interface for unselected frequency bands is displayed in white, while the interface for selected frequency bands is displayed in yellow;

2). When the drive away or forced landing function is not turned on, the interface in the display screen is in the OFF state, and when turned on, the interface button is in the ON state;

3). After pulling the device trigger, the strike can begin, and the interface displays.

Set Operation

1. Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the interface to enter the settings interface;

2. Manually clicking on the sound or vibration switch can turn off the corresponding function;

3. Manually click on the brightness adjustment switch to adjust the screen brightness.

Battery charging and discharging operation

  1. Connect one end of the device charging cable to the battery charging port, and plug in the power supply at the other end to charge the device;
  2. After connecting the USB cable to the discharge port, the device battery can be charged to the external device.

Technical Parameter

Screen Size3.5 inch touch screen
Detection frequency band2.4GHz
Detection distance1.5km(An open place)
Interference frequency band900MHz/1.5GHz
interference distance1.5km(An open place)
interference power20W/ Single frequency band
Interference modeDrive Away /Forced Landing
Custom frequency band touch screen selection
Equipment weight3.5Kg
protection grade≥IP54
PowerBuilt-in lithium battery 28V/6000mAh
Support external USB 5V power supply

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