Hinaray Portable Anti Drone Detection & Jammer Gun

Portable UAV Countermeasure Equipment

Product specification

The portable UAV countermeasures equipment interferes with the communication link of UAV by transmitting electromagnetic waves of specific frequency band, forcing UAV to lose control, lose image or navigation guidance, and trigger the protection mechanism of UAV hovering, landing or returning, so as to achieve effective control of “illegal flying” UAV.

Appearance shape

Appearance shape

Product operation instruction

Switch  Operation

  1. Press the power button to start the device. When the device is initially started up, the display screen will display:
  2. Press the power button directly to shut down the device after use.

Function choose

1). Drive away or make a forced landing

When the device drive away or crash landing function is not turned on, the button in the display screen is in the OFF state:

Manually click the button to open the drive away or crash landing function. The button in the display screen is in the ON state:


(I) any frequency band selection

Touch the light to select any frequency band to strike, the selected frequency band will show blue in the display, the unselected frequency band will show white in the display:

Counter operation

After the finger pulls the trigger of the device, the strike can begin. The screen interface shows:

Set operations.

  1. Click the Setting button at the upper right corner of the interface to enter the setting interface;
  2. Manually click the brightness adjustment switch to adjust the screen brightness:

Battery charging and discharging operation

  1. One end of the device charging cable is connected to the battery charging port, and the other end is plugged in to charge the device battery.
  2. After the USB cable is connected to the discharge port, the battery of the interfering device can be charged to the external device.

Technical parameter

Screen control3.5 inch touch screen
Interference frequency band900MHz/1.5GHz
Interference distance≥1.5km(open land)
Interference power20W/ single frequency band
Interference modeDrive away/make a forced landingCustom frequency band touch selection
Main engine weight3Kg
Protection class≥IP54
Power supplyBuilt-in removable lithium battery
Support external USB 5V power supply

Hinaray Portable Anti Drone Detection & Jammer Gun

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