How to Use a Stun Baton: A Beginner’s Guide

The stun baton is a surprisingly lethal weapon that can hold its own at high Gamestage values where other melee weapons start to struggle. Even zombie bears are no threat if you have a charged baton ready for them.

The most effective application of this weapon is to spread shockwaves over as many enemies as possible. This will both take them out of the fight for a significant amount of time and allow the shock effect to fully kick in over time while you deal with other threats. It is ideal to target the most dangerous enemies first, such as wild or irradiated zombies.

How to use a stun baton effectively
We know that personal safety is personal, so our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your personal safety plan and know exactly how to use your new stun gun.

1.Keep it handy
When you take your new stun gun out of its packaging, make sure you find a suitable home for it. It won’t do you any good at the bottom of a drawer, deep in your backpack pocket, or down on the center console of your car. All stun guns come with a case, wrist strap or other carrying accessory so your product will be ready when you need it most. Make sure you have your stun gun in a convenient location so you can reach it immediately.

2.Get hold of yourself
It’s smart to regularly practice pulling your stun gun from your holster or purse so you know where you are and are better prepared in the moment of danger. Look at your stun gun. Be aware that shock probes deliver an electric shock. We recommend a test fire of ½ to one second burst; that should be all you need to ensure the product features. Be careful with this test fire, as anything longer than one full second can potentially damage the product or void the warranty. Depending on the model, you can also activate the flashlight with a switch or a button.

3.Charge it up
For battery powered models, insert the correct batteries and read the supplied product instructions on battery replacement as they may vary. For rechargeable models, you can maximize the life of the battery by starting with an initial 12-hour charge and then charging it weekly for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours.

4.Shock and go
Once you’ve mastered storing, charging, and holding the stun gun, it’s time to learn how to use it. Now find out where your safety or switch is located. Depending on the model, you can activate the flashlight with a switch or a button. Note that “on” mode does not activate your stun gun; To activate it, you will need to press the discharge button to activate the discharge.

Final words
Make direct contact with the attacker’s body for the stun gun to be effective. Fire the electric stun baton into the aggressor’s upper hip, shoulder, or under the ribcage for maximum impact. A full five-second discharge can cause disorientation, loss of balance, and more. Note that unlike pepper spray, the attacker can recover from the shock of the stun gun within seconds. So, as soon as you stop the attacker or are able to escape, do so immediately and call for help. Be safe, go with confidence and trust your instincts – they’re usually right.

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