Hinaray Portable Backpack Anti Drone Jammer

  • Portable Backpack Anti drone UAV blocker counter defender for air security
  • can shield almost all UAV signal in range 500-1500 meter after targeting them at a certain angle. 


Features of Hinaray Manpack Anti Drone Jammer

Product Parameters

ButtonGPS2.4G5.8GFunctionUAV Status
Press  Break the GPS signal link of remote control and UAVHover and descend  slowly in 3-5 second
Press Break captured image transmissionReurn home in 3-5 second
PressBreak GPS signal and captured image transmissionHover and descend slowly in 3-5 second
BrandTe Xin
Product Type Man pack Drone Jammer Anti Drone Device
Jamming Range1500-2000 meter,depends on real environment
Working ChannelsGPS: 1560-1620 MHz, output 20W
WiFi 2.4G: 2400-2485 MHz, output 30W
WiFi 5.8G: 5725-5850 MHz, output 20W
Total Output Power70W
Body Size35*25*15 CM
Body Weight6.0 kg
Antenna TypeBuilt-in High Gain Directional Antenna
Working Temperature-20ºC~75ºC
Working Humidity35~95%
Power Consumption≤240W
Power InputAC110V~240V
Built-in BatteryDC24V

Easy to use, NO need any professional electrician skills

Fix on ground, connect to power supply will work

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