Hinaray Portable Drone Jammer ( Portable Suitcase )

  • This briefcase drone jammer can shield drone intrude and spy in range 500-1500 meter. 
  • ts multiple application includes the VIP convoy, military field, police system, law enforcement, stadium large
    competition, entertainment public activity, etc.


Features of Hinaray Portable Drone Jammer ( Portable Brief Case )

Product Parameters

Product NameDrone Jammer ( Portable Suitcase )
 433M:100W/8A; 900M: 100W/8A; 1.5G: 100W/10A; 2.4G: 100W/10A; 5.8G : 25W/3A,
Frequency ( Five frequency bands can be installed as required )GPS positioning frequency: 1560-1620MHz
Remote control and video transmission frequency:  430-450MHz,830-940MHz, 2400-2500MHz,5725-5850MHz
RF Frequency 1560-1620MHz≥50dbm/100W
Power supply modeLithium battery 27V / 60000mAh, external charger,AC220 power supply
Operation mode three frequency bands can be opened arbitrarily
Interception modeForced return, forced landing, hovering, video transmission interference
Weight43kg (excluding charger)
Product Size63 x 49.2 x 35.2cm
Interference distanceomnidirectional antenna: 1000m in radius; directional antenna: 2500m in dadius
AntennaExternal antenna (directional or omnidirectional antenna)
Heat dissipation modeAir cooling

Easy to use, NO need any professional electrician skills

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