What is RF power amplifier module?

     Amplifier is the device or module which boost (i.e. increases power) the signal of certain radio frequency. Mainly it is referred as RF power amplifier owing to its use to amplify radio frequency signal or increase power at the input to give more power at the output.

What is a RF amplifier used for?

     A RF amplifier essentially is a tuned amplifier that enables the input signal of broadcast or transmitted information to control an output signal. The RF amplifier uses frequency-determining networks to convert the input signal into an output signal, providing the required response at a given frequency.

RF Power Amplifier

RF Power Amplifier Module 5.8GHz 50W

RF Power Amplifier Module Customized

How does RF power work?

     A radio frequency power harvesting system can capture and convert electromagnetic energy into a usable direct current (DC) voltage. The key units of an RF power harvesting system are the antenna and rectifier circuit that allows the RF power or alternating current (AC) to be converted into DC energy

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