Since ancient times, shields have been used by the military as a means of personal protection. With the widespread use of gun powder, shields fell out of favor for obvious reasons. In the 20th century, however, there was a resurgence in both their need for and popularity of law enforcement. The modern riot shield is made to defend security and law enforcement personnel from specific dangers in perilous circumstances. Today’s riot shields are useful for a variety of purposes, including crowd control, inmate management, and protection. Let’s examine the development, structure, and applications of this well-liked law enforcement safety tool.

How Riot Shields Are Used
The riot shields from Haven Gear have comprised of 4mm thick clear polycarbonate. The shields’ main purpose is to safeguard your soldiers from approaching projectiles. Criminals frequently hurl everything they can get their hands on at your policemen when there is urban turmoil. You name it: bricks, rocks, glass bottles, sticks, etc. These barriers also shield your workers from saliva and other potentially harmful liquids.

Our riot shields are convex, which means they slant inward toward the police officer. The cop can deflect approaching projectiles thanks to the riot shield’s curvature. Items bounce off to the side rather than striking the cop and hurting him. A team of personnel may line up their riot shields together thanks to the 2′ widths of Haven Gear riot shields. In the face of a mob of angry rioters, this projects a wall of force. While being able to move quickly to shoo a mob away from a certain spot, your team is safe.

Kinds of Riot Shields
For police and other law enforcement workers, Haven Gear offers two different kinds of riot shields. Two different-sized capture shields and anti-riot shields for your team are provided. Let’s examine these shields’ properties of design and applications.

Capture Shields
A more particular kind of shield used to contain an unruly prisoner or suspect is a capture shield. Its purpose is to “catch” people, as its name implies. Our capture shields have a face that is concave, which means the edges bend outward toward the target you’re trying to capture. They are 24″ by 48″ in dimension. The user can pin a rowdy person against a wall or other flat surface using the cushioned forearm grasp. So it’s fantastic for circumstances like jail security and others!

24″ x 36″ Anti-Riot Polycarbonate Shield
Our three-foot polycarbonate anti-riot shield is clear. useful for defending the officer using its head, face, and body.

24″ x 48″ Anti-Riot Polycarbonate Shield
For departments dealing with the riskiest kinds of riot scenarios, our largest anti-riot shield is advised. The additional foot of protection can be instantly lowered or raised depending on the direction of an incoming missile, and it covers most officers from the head to just below the crotch or thighs. Another material utilized is transparent polycarbonate with padded forearm grips and protection.

An Electronic Riot shield is a portable form of protection that is frequently used by law enforcement and some military units, though protesters can also make use of them. Although smaller one-handed models may also be employed, riot shields are normally long enough to cover an ordinary citizen from the top of the head to the legs. In most cases, they are designed to be employed in riot control, to shield the wearer from melee attacks with blunt or sharp weapons, as well as thrown missiles, or non-lethal weapons like rubber bullets and water cannons.

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