Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System

ProductHandheld drone detection and positioning system
NO.Testing ItemsTechnical parameters & Description
1.0Appearance and
The appearance should be neat, the surface should be free of
rust, mildew, stains, plating peeling and obvious scratches,
burrs, and the text, symbols, signs and various displays should
be clear; Structural parts and control parts should be complete
and free of mechanical damage.
The operation of switches, buttons, and knobs should be
flexible and reliable, without blocking, parts should be
tightened without loosening, and the equipment power safety
device should be placed on the front panel to facilitate
inspection and replacement.
The device should be a one-piece structure with a built-in
display device.
Width: 85±2mm;
3.0Weight550g( with attenna )
4.0Screencapacitive touch screen and support multi-touch;
≥6 Inch
& positioning
It has drone signal detection and recognition functions, and the
device can support detect DJI, Harbson, Zhendi, Wi-Fi drone
,DIY drone (analog image transmission), etc.;
With positioning function, it can display the working frequency
band, brand number, electronic fingerprint ID (serial number of
the fuselage), bearing, distance, latitude and longitude , flight
altitude and other information of the drone in the detection list,
and it can display identification icons and flight tracks on the
electronic map;
With the remote control (pilot) detection and positioning
function, the remote control can be displayed in the detection
list. (Pilot) latitude and longitude , distance, bearings and other
information, and can display identification icons and movement
tracks on electronic maps.
The device can detect DJI (including Royal 3, Royal 2, Royal
Mini2, Royal Air, Royal Air2, Royal miniSE, Royal Pro, Royal
Air2S, Royal mini, Phantom 4Pro, Phantom 4ProV2.0,Genie 4,
Tello and other models), Daotong, Xiaomi, Dahua, Hikang, Shiji,
Harbson, EHang, Haoxiang, Zerodu, Weili, Zhendi, Huakor,
Sima, Cornerstone, Yunke, Chasing Cloud, Pudu, Holystone,
AEE, Feipai, Youdi, Pegasus, Keweitai, Dagong, Corbett, UAV
signals from JOUAV, Parrot, 3DR, CFLY, TW and other brands;
6.0Frequency Range25MHz~6000MHz
7.0Main Frequency330MHz、433MHz、840MHz、910MHz、 1.2GHz、1.4GHz、
9.0Detection range2km-3km
10.0Detection Height0~1000m
11.0Directional presicion≤1.0°(RMS)
Positioning error for drones≤10m;
Positioning error for pilots ≤10m。
13.0Detection time≤2s
14.0Refresh time≤2s
15.0Detection Success
16.0Working time≥4h
17.0The same drone
intrusion detection
Within a certain period of time, when the device detects and
identifies the same drone intrusion multiple times, it will be
automatically fuse into a single piece of information;
For multiple intrusions of the same drone identified, the device
will be automatically integrate the intrusion information of the
drone, and the electronic fingerprint ID of the drone in multiple
records should be the same.
recognition function
The number of drones that can be detected and identified at the
same time should over 10qty
The types of UAV should be over 10 QTY
There should be no less than 10 types of drone remote controls
(non-DJI brands) that can be detected and identified at the same
With multi-target positioning, it can simultaneously detect and
locate no less than 11 UAV targets.
20.0Trajectory trackingWith the trajectory tracking functions, it can display the
detected flight trajectory of each UAV and the movement
trajectory of the remote controller (pilot) in different colors;
The number of drone trajectories that can be displayed at the
same time over 11 qty
The number of remote control (pilot) trajectories that can be
displayed at the same time over 5 qty
With positioning function, it can display the latitude and
longitude information .
22.0Power supplyBuilt-in lithium battery
Drone list
The number of drone brands contained in the feature library
should be over 25QTY , and the number of models should be
24.0power consumptionIt should be able to be charged through a mobile power supply
(power bank) or a power adapter connected to the mains.

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